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YAML Formatter

YAML Formatter is an easy-to-use online tool that helps to edit, analyze, and format YAML data. You can easily manage your YAML files making it an essential resource for developers and data analysts with its friendly interface.

YAML is a human-friendly data serialization standard used across different programming languages. YAML is often used for configuration files but its ability to serialize objects makes it a feasible alternative to JSON.

How to Use Online YAML Formatter

1. Paste YAML Data

Paste your YAML data into the input box area.

2. Editing and Formatting

You can edit to make changes to your YAML data. Click the convert button to apply proper indentation and make your YAML data more readable.

3. Download

Download your formatted YAML data to your computer by clicking the download button.

Why Choose YAML Editor?

YAML Formatter stands out due to its unique proficiencies in formatting and converting YAML data. It also functions as an editor and viewer providing a comprehensive solution for all your YAML needs.

YAML Formatter Online ensures your data is well structured and easy to read whether you are working with configuration files or simply organizing information. Its useful features and user-friendly interface make it easy for anyone working with YAML.

Key Features

1. Easy Editing and Formatting

·         Edit your YAML files directly in the browser.

·         It automatically fixes indentation issues.

·         Generate human-readable and valid YAML data with a single click.

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Works seamlessly on all major operating systems.

3. Detect Invalid YAML Data

One of the important features of this tool is that it detects invalid YAML data if the user gives invalid input to the box area.

4. No Login Required

Download and share your YAML data without needing to log in.

5. Alternative to Popular Editors

It can be used as an alternative to editors like VSCode, Sublime Text, and Notepad++.


What is YAML Formatter?

YAML Formatter is an online tool that helps you format and edit YAML data. It corrects indentation and makes YAML data more readable.

Is it safe to use YAML Formatter Online?

Yes, the tool works within your browser ensuring that your YAML data is secure and not stored on any server.

Can I use YAML Formatter without logging in?

Yes, using the YAML file format does not require logging in.

Can YAML Formatter convert other formats?

No, YAML Formatter cannot convert data to and from other formats like CSV.