Excel to JSON

The Excel to JSON tool is a simple and useful program designed to change your Excel files into simple JSON format. This tool is easy to use and runs quickly on different systems.

Steps for Using Excel to JSON Converter

1. Upload or Paste Your Excel Data

 Upload your file or you can copy tables from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Mac Numbers, or even a web page and paste them into the Data Source text area.

2. Edit Your Excel Data Online (Optional)

You can edit to make any necessary changes to your data. The JSON output will update quickly with any modifications you make.

3. Download the Converted JSON Data

This tool works by default and provides the JSON data. Copy or download it from the box area.

What are the uses of the Excel to JSON Converter?

Features and Benefits

Why Choose Our free Excel to JSON Converter?

Use the Excel to JSON Converter to easily change your data and explore its efficiency and ease of use.